MVA Auto Aid With Pyrites FD
By Past Fire Chief Robert Crowe
February 23, 2019

On February 23 at 0221 hours, Pyrites Fire, Canton Fire and Rescue were dispatched to a reported one car MVA by 2560 County Route 21. Assistant Chief Dan Aldous reported enroute at 0225 and Pyrites Fire E-92 reported enroute a few minutes later. Pyrites Chief Matt Kielmeier arrived on scene assuming Incident Command. Once on scene Chief Kielmeier found multiple vehicles involved but only one patient that had self-extricated from his vehicle with minor injuries. Chief Kielmeier radioed Canton’s Rescue 1 that was enroute for extrication potential that they were not needed, stood them down, and asked that Canton Ambulance A-133 continue to evaluate the patient's injuries. Once evaluated, the patient was released to the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies for further investigation. The patient had missed the stop sign on County Route 21 drove straight up the driveway across from the intersection and hit two parked cars, pushing them forward into a garage. There was considerable damage done to all vehicles and the garage. The contents of the garage were pushed through the rear wall. Canton Ambulance A-133 was released from the scene and all Canton personnel were back in service at 0320.

Units: Ambulance 133 Rescue 1
Mutual Aid: Auto-aid with Pyrites Fire, also responding were SLC Sheriff’s, Canton Village Police, Pyrites Fire, Canton Fire, Canton Rescue, US Border Patrol