Roof Extraction Drill At SUNY Canton
By Fire Chief Robert Crowe
July 25, 2019

The Canton Fire Department, in conjunction with SUNY Canton, conducted a roof extraction drill at MacArthur Hall on the SUNY Canton campus. The scenario involved a victim needing to be rescued from the sixth floor and the quickest means of removal being the use of Tower 1. Members ascended the interior stairs to the sixth floor to locate the victim. After finding the victim, it was determined they were now unable to descend the interior stairs. Tower 1 was set up and raised to the roof to facilitate the victim's removal. The stokes basket was deployed and, while the patient was packaged, the platform was readied to transport the victim to the ground. The brackets on the bucket that are specially designed to secure the stokes basket to the bucket were deployed and the basket containing the victim attached. The victim was then lowered to the ground and care turned over to EMS personnel. The drill was a learning experience not only for the department, but for the EH&S personnel from SUNY Canton.