Member Completes Firefighter 2 Training
By Fire Chief Robert Crowe
November 9, 2019

Firefighter/EMT Chase Alexander successfully completed the Firefighter 2 training course. The Firefighter 2 course is 42 hours long and is designed as the last step in initial level training for interior structural firefighters and/or who will serve as team or group leaders under the general supervision of an officer. Introduces new more advanced areas that will be expanded in other training programs. A firefighter receives the training components equivalent to those found within NFPA Firefighter II Standard. Firefighter II is based on objectives from NFPA Standard 1001, Firefighter Level II, and consists of performance criteria in: incident command implementation, build-ing materials and collapse, special rescue, hydrant flow and operability, hose tools, foam operations, flammable liquid/gases, detection, alarm systems, fire department communications, prefire planning, special situations, strategy and tactics. Congratulations Firefighter/EMT Alexander!